Friday, January 1, 2016


God has brought us to a new year. I look forward to what He will do in the next 12 months. I hope you are starting the year off well.
                     "Be thou exalted, O God, above the heavens; let thy glory be above all the earth."
                                                                        Psalm 57:5
I have a few questions that I would love to get some answers to.

1. What was one special thing you did in 2015?
        I did so many things last year that were special, but I suppose helping my Great-grandma for about a month was especially special because she died and I will always have good memories from that month.
2. Where was one place you went last year that stood out to you?
        I went to Haiti for the second time on a missions trip, and got to make new friends and see old friends.
3. What is one thing that God taught you in 2015?
        I think God will always be working on my faith, but I do think He has really showed me over and over again this past year that I do not need to worry, He is good and faithful.
4. What is one book you read last year that you recommend to other Christians?
        Holiness: The Heart God Purifies by Nancy Leigh DeMoss is a great book to encourage us to live as God calls us to, in holiness. (By the way, it was probably the ONLY book I read outside of school.)
5. What is one thing you want to do this year?
        Besides many other things, I want to bring at least one person to Christ.
6. Where is one place you want to go this year?

I hope you have fun thinking of answers!
Me, Hannah, Great-grandma, and Grandma in New Jersey.

Children singing in Haiti.

Priscilla took this picture looking over the mountains from Stone Mountain, NC.

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  1. Here are my answers...
    1. Getting to do Mock Trial...Mock Trial has made me grow in so many ways.
    2. Atlanta GA...for our Empire International Competition. That weekend was amazing!
    3. That he is always in control...always.
    4. Crazy Love by Francis Chan. This was a realy good and eyeopening book.
    5. Finish reading all the way through my bible.
    6. On a missions particular place!
    I think I got them all! =)