Saturday, August 8, 2015


When I was 4 years old, my third oldest brother, Micah, fell about 20 feet from a tree and broke his leg, ruptured his spleen, crushed his vertebrae, and got a hole in his lung. As if that wasn't enough, while he was at the hospital, the doctors found out that he had leukemia. Though some parents would have gone in despair, Mom and Dad turned to God for their strength.
For the next 4 years Micah battled cancer and all the hardships that go with it. It would have been easy for him to give up on God and blame Him for the suffering, but Micah did any thing but that. In fact, he gave glory to God and was an encouragement to others in his sickness. He was a great jokester and we remember many funny things he said and did.
We prayed a lot that God would bring healing to Micah, and He finally did. On December 17th, 2005, God brought Micah home to complete health and eternity with Him.
I can't wait to see Micah in heaven, but what's even better than that is the fact that I will see Jesus, my Saviour, in heaven.
Micah with Lydia, Birthday mates.


  1. God is faithful and will continue to be faithful. I miss him so much and I am so thankful we will join him in heaven before the throne of God!

    1. I'm glad God is in control of our lives.